Wastewater treatment and valorization by extensive methods adapted to rural areas and small urban centers in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa : Anaerobic digestion (biomethanisation), treatment wetlands, sustainable and ecological sanitation (dry and composting toilets)
Treatment and upgrading of biomass (wood and organic waste)
Stormwater and runoff management
Training of university students, technicians and executives

Epuval was born from the former Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of Gembloux, Belgium (currently University of Liège / Agro-Bio Tech).

Epuval carries out the following activities:

Feasibility studies in all the above-mentioned fields, both in Belgium and abroad (Morocco, Peru for example)
– Development of technical plans for water and waste treatment facilities (models used in Morocco, Bolivia)
Collaboration with manufacturers and contractors (Agrofutur anaerobic filter digester, bacterial support fabrics, purification systems, accessories and analytical equipment)
Organization of field training (visits, works participation) and courses in audiences

The staff of the non-profit organization Epuvaleau (created in 1991) has carried out numerous activities and coordinated projects in Belgium and European countries, Asia and Africa. It has provided training for foreign executives.

Epuval and Epuvaleau have collaborated with the CTA (Center of Agronomic Technologies of Modave) and Agrofutur in the field of biomethanation.

Marc Wauthelet has been conducting since 30 years numerous overseas activities in the fields of wastewater treatment and waste valorization: Biomethanation project manager in Burundi and Morocco (1986-1998), coordination of international and local projects (including 4 European projects), consultancy since 2000 for various projects in Asia and Africa, developer of new technologies and projects in Belgium and abroad (anaerobic filter system, planted filter, dry digester). He is participating in a international staff to find innovative solutions for Refugges Camps in Lebanon (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). 

During the last 3 years, the non-profit organization has mainly supervised the construction of 40 wastewater treatment wetlands, studied wastewater purification and management in Belgium and Morocco, carried out biomass potentialities assessments in 2 major regions of Morocco.

Epuval has recently been asked by Tereosolutions Peru to carry out feasibility studies in the field of waste biomethanisation in different regions of Peru. 3 companies have already been identified. Being a technology specialist, Epuval is asked by Tereosolutions to make site visits.

Epuval will train Moroccan executives for the biomethanation technologies.


waste treatment and/or renewable energy generation







Studies on two big regions : Rabat-Salé-Zmour-Zaer  and Région de Tadla Azilal

Energy Ministry / ADEREE Morocco and  IFAS Germany

Global potential and comprehensive studies of 10 projects (landfills, solid treatment, industrial farm)  

Field visits and detailed studies of 10 sites


Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL)/ National Domestic Biogas and Manure Program (NDBMP, phase 2006 – 2012) :

Implementation Verification & Technical Audit of the National Domestic Biogas and Manure Program (NDBMP) Bangladesh – implementation

KfW (Allemagne)

Daily reports of technical surveys and technical audits 
Reports of 4 monthly missions ; results and recommendations presentations and trainings. Bibliography and partial reports

Technical Coordination / surveys/ presentations/ trainings to the client


Surveys and Studies of the national Market for biomethane and other biogas valorization in France.


Bureau Ernst&Young France for


3 studies of the market, the actual results and perspectives. Seminar organization (Ernst & Young) and working groups.

Technical Coordination / interviews/ presentations


German Financial Cooperation – Nepal Biogas program III –Biogas Audit Nepal 2008

KfW (Allemagne)

Daily reports of technical surveys and technical audits 
Reports of 3 monthly missions ; results and recommendations presentations and trainings. Bibliography and partial reports.

Technical Coordination / surveys/ presentations/ trainings to the client


Feasibility of a biomethanation project in a farm combined with a dairy industry in Fes, Morocco.  

E.C./ PÄE Morocco

3 detailed reports (24 pp. + 213 pp. + 50 pp.)

Extensive Feasibility study (with different scenarii) for biomethanation of dairy industry wastewater and cow dungs. Combination with a solar plant.


Industrial waste Biomethanation

IEPF (Canada)

Writing of the Waste biomethanation guide (22 pp.). Publication in a IEPF book ‘Biomass-Energy’  

Bibliography and guide preparation

Wastewater treatment







Studies and implementation of 150 treatment Wetlands (Vegetalized filter) from 5 to 40 people.

Walloon Inhabitants


Studies and implementation


Studies for wastewater extensives treatment


Scientifical reports and drawings

Field visits and studies


Study of a collective Vegetalized filter and implementation controls

Louvain University UCL

Report with drawings (21 pp.) and technical follow-up

Analyses and follow-up


Treatment wetland (vertical filters) for the Overflow wastewater at Moustier, Belgium (3000 sq.m.).



Study and follow-up


Development of Teaching and Training Modules for Higher Education on Low-Cost Wastewater Treatment

E.C.(European Commission)

Preparation of the international workshop, report and field visits.  Action Plan, Annual reports for the technical and financial aspects

Preparation, organisation.  Writings and co-ordination


 « Planning and Technical study of the collecting and valorization of the biogas produced by the Agadir WWTP  (400,000 inhabitants) ».

GTZ and Environment Ministry, Morocco

Mission, study and planning

Global and detailed study


Conferences and courses (treatment Wetlands, Epuval et Epuvalisation)

University of Gembloux

Courses for Students and annual training of 20 African executives


Visits and courses in the fields of wastewater treatment


Etude de faisabilité sur l’implantation de filtres végétalisés destinés au traitement des eaux domestiques de la rue Haute-Voye et d’une habitation de la rue des Ecoliers à Xaimont, Léglise. (15 pp.). Plans et métrés. Rapports.

Commune de Léglise

Etude et coordination de la construction d’une station d’épuration pour 44 Eh (et eaux pluviales)

Etude et réalisation


Etudes de faisabilité sur l’implantation de filtres végétalisés destinés au traitement des eaux de quartiers (ca. 100 EH) de Genappe : Longchamps, La Hutte, Vital Rousseaux (3 x 25 pp.)

Commune de Genappe

Etudes en vue de la réalisation des stations d’épuration

Rédaction et présentation