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  • Wastewater treatment and valorization by extensive methods adapted to rural areas and small urban centers : Anaerobic Baffled Reactor, Anaerobic Filter, biogas digester, trickling filter, sand filter, treatment wetlands, sustainable and ecological sanitation (dry and composting toilets).
  • Biomass potential assessment
  • Treatment and upgrading of biomass (wood and organic waste); Composting, biomethanation, improved stoves, ovens and boilers 
  • Stormwater and runoff management

Epuval was born from the former Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of Gembloux, Belgium (currently University of Liège / Agro-Bio Tech).


  • Feasibility studies in all the above-mentioned fields, both in Belgium and abroad (Morocco, Peru, Bangladesh, Nepal, Rwanda, Lebanon, Martinique, China, Sierra Leone,….)
  • BIomass potential assessment (Belgium, Morocco, Peru…)
  • Technical drawings for water and waste treatment facilities (models used in Morocco, Bolivia,…)
  • Supervision of treatment plants construction : more than 150 wetlands in Belgium, digesters and toilets in Morocco, Burundi,…
  • Collaboration with research centers, manufacturers, and contractors in the fields of wastewater and biomethanation (CTA – Center of Agronomic Technologies of Modave, Agrofutur anaerobic filter digester, bacterial support fabrics, purification systems, accessories and analytical equipment)
  • Production of pedagogical material, (including handbooks, videos and on-line courses) training of executives, students and technicians (Belgium, Morocco, Bengladesh…) in the field of water, waste and sanitation


The staff of the non-profit organization Epuval (created in 1991) has carried out numerous activities and coordinated projects in Belgium and European countries, Asia and Africa.

The director, Marc Wauthelet is an environmental engineer with 34 years of experience in solid waste management, wastewater treatment, and biogas recovery.  He has conducted feasibility studies and maintained various solid waste and wastewater treatment facilities.  Over a period of 12 years, he has managed three large EU-funded environmental projects in Europe, Vietnam and China; he also has extensive experience in Europe and in Morocco, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Martinique, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Nepal, Senegal, Rwanda, Bolivia, Lebanon, Peru, Mali, Rwanda and Burundi.  Mr. Wauthelet is familiar with a variety of biomethanation and wastewater treatment technologies.

Geoffroy Germeau is a bio-engineer with 13 years of experience in the fields of water and sanitation (Burkina Faso, Belgium, Morocco, Benin, Sierra Leone, Bengladesh).  He’s been working as lecturer and trainer (Belgium, Burundi & Benin, Bangladesh).  He has extensive knowledge on GIS software.

Hicham Id-boufker is a biomedical scientist with 16 years of experience in applied research, pedagogy, water and sanitation. He his the author of patent, publications and articles in the fields of biology, sanitation and water treatment technologies. He has extensive knowledge on illustration softwares.


09/13 – presentBelgiumindustries, individuals, localitiesWastewater treatment studies and building of > 150 treatment wetlands (for 5 to 1,200 people)
12/18 – presentMoroccoGIZ BmbHPractical guides and training modules about sustainable rural sanitation techniques in Morocco.
04/20NepalUPMExpertise for a wastewater treatment chain for Mahalaxmi (faecal sludge management)
09/19 – 10/20BengladeshUPMTrainings (5) of organisation leaders working in the Royingas Refugee camps (Dewats technologies). Expertise for Bhola waste and wastewater management. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
03/19 – 05/20RwandaRiconsDesigns of treatment plants (biomethanation and treatment wetlands) for Camps (2,000 to 6,000 P.E.)
2/19TaiwanUPMConference and study of models for piggeries and biogas plants
10/19LebanonUPMConference and training of NGO executives working in Refugee Camps. Founded by the Bill and Melida Gates Foundation
11/16 + 02-03/17Lebanon (+ China)UPMTrainings, meetings, proposals of wastewater treatment designs and field visits in Refugees Camps
12/14-12/15MartiniqueSolar Electric MartiniquePrefeasibility studies of biogas plants in piggeries
11/09 – presentMoroccoGTZ/GIZ GmbH (AGIRE Project)• Study of implementing biogas collecting and utilisation systems at the wastewater treatment plant (Agadir: 1 million P.E., about 60,000 m3/day).
• Cattle Slurries treatment combined with wastewater treatment trough biogas plants and treatment wetlands
• Implementations of Wastewater techniques in training centers and villages (ABR, Dry toilets, 2 innovative digesters, WW reuses,..)
• Trainings of Professors, Engineers and Technicians with writing of 5 detailed guides (Ecosan technologies)
• Writing of 8 training modules for Engineers and Technicians
2015MoroccoEnergy Ministry / ADEREE Morocco and IFAS GermanyGlobal potential and comprehensive studies of 10 projects (landfills, solid waste treatment, industrial farm) : Field visits and detailed studies of 10 sites.
03/15 – presentMoroccoGIZ GmbH (CESAR Project)Oujda R.E. Training Center :
• Studies and implementation of 3 different digesters for the treatment of slurries and wastewater
01/11-06/13BangladeshKfW (Germany)National technical survey of the biogas and manure program (NDBMP) in Bangladesh
01/99-08/13BelgiumCTA (Center for agricultural technologies)Scientific and technical coordination of the regional project ‘Agricultural waste recovery (Biomethanation)’. Management of the CTA Biogas plant and design of new plants (anaerobic filter in containers and PVC balloon digester). Feasibility studies of more than 10 biogas plants in China, Canada, Bulgaria, Belgium, and France. Implementation of a 225 m3 anaerobic digester in China (Biodiesel plant at Xiamen) and 4 anaerobic digesters (30 to 100 kW) in France and Belgium. Study of a dry fermenter for the CTA. Laboratory Researches for Masters. Scientific Advisors for bio-gas plants owners in Belgium, China, France (digesters feeding, gas management and upgrading). Studies of plant models for Breweries and dairies.
03/12BurundiWalvert sprlTest of palm oil factory wastes and design of a digester
2010-2011Sierra LeoneSTELLA ConsultingFeasibility study of management of two landfills + demonstrations
2010FranceBureau Ernst&Young France for ADEME and GrDSurveys and Studies of the national Market for biomethane and other biogas valorization in France.
01/08-01/09MoroccoE.C. /PAE MarocStudies for biogas and solar heating plants at the dairy farm at SAFILAIT, Fqih Ben Salah (4,000 cows and 450 m³ WW/d)
05/08-07/08NepalkfW (Germany)Naional technical survey of the biogas program in Nepal
01/99-08/13MaliGTZTechnical study of a Public-Private Partnership for a biogas and ecological sanitation project